Freeing you to focus on what matters

With over 100 years of combined experience, Fryar Private Wealth has worked to help clients like you reach their financial objectives and simplify their financial lives. Our goal for you is simple: We want to give you more of your most precious asset – your time.

We do this by thoroughly understanding your near- and long-term objectives, tailoring an investment plan that reflects your unique financial needs and values, and building you a portfolio of carefully screened investment managers.

Our planning process is designed to ensure that your entire financial life is integrated. We’ll work with you to seamlessly coordinate your investments, estate planning strategies, insurance and more, so that you stay prepared for the future as your life continues to evolve.

What We Offer

Throughout our relationship, we will:
  • Obtain a full picture of your financial goals and how much risk you can tolerate, and then customize an investment portfolio for your unique requirements.
  • Meet to review your portfolio carefully and for the long term, focusing on a diversified collection of investments while striving to minimize those investments’ costs.
  • Review your portfolio and recommend needed changes as financial markets and your life evolve.
  • Provide you with dedicated service and personal attention, always prioritizing your interests above all others (including our own).