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Planning your future with Envision®

Using the Envision® investment planning process, we help you define and prioritize your near- and long-term financial goals, show you your current progress toward those goals, and outline a plan to potentially bring those goals into view.

A disciplined approach to investing

Fryar Private Wealth consists of highly knowledgeable wealth managers who can help you develop a plan designed to help you reach your investment goals. As a PIM Portfolio Manager, Matt Fryar has met the strict requirements that allow him to utilize the Wells Fargo Advisors Private Investment Management (PIM) program. The PIM program utilizes an asset allocation approach that aims to balance your mix of investments while adapting to your individual tolerance for risk as well as fluctuating market conditions. Through the PIM program, Matt will provide you with customized advice and recommendations for a plan that is designed to satisfy your near- and long-term financial goals, as well as your risk tolerance. Through PIM, Matt believes your portfolio has greater potential to withstand market volatility over time and stay on track toward your objectives.

The PIM program is not designed for excessively traded or inactive accounts and is not appropriate for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network advisory disclosure document for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.

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Services for every financial need

Fryar Private Wealth provides a full range of wealth management services in an effort to provide you confidence about your entire financial life. In addition to investment management, here are some of the most common services we offer.